Python scripts for Computational ATmospheric Spectroscopy

From Hitran/Geisa to Molecular Optical Depths

  • extract (select) lines of a certain molecule (and isotope) and/or wavenumber range from line parameter database
  • lbl2od computation of line-by-line optical depth due to molecular absorption

Download software



  • Python (version 2.5 or better)
  • numpy — Numeric Python
  • Additionally (depending on some of the options set):
    • scipy — Scientific Python
    • matplotlib
  • (Obviously you also need a copy of the Hitran or Geisa line parameter databases)
  1. Save the package at some convenient place and unpack it: tar xvfz lblod4esas.tgz
  2. Ideally add the bin directory to your system search PATH
  3. If you are reading user guide's etc: in your browser open the index.html file in the doc directory;
    Otherwise just extract line parameters from HITRAN and GEISA, then compute optical depth via cross sections by lbl2od


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