Netcdf under cygwin

A common problem for me and others (telling from discussions on the web) is the installation of a current netcdf under cygwin. Download from UNIDATA and installation following the INSTALL guide seem to work fine (make check is happy), but neither binaries nor library files are written to the “/usr/local” directory nor any other usual path as far as I could see.

The binaries from UNIDATA didn't do the job neither (most likely due to compiler issues).

Meanwhile you can get a netcdf package for cygwin via the “setup.exe” tool, e.g. at the cygwin-server

The netcdf libraries are automatically installed in the “/bin” directory in cygwin and are called “cygnetcdf*”. This means you have to introduce symbolic links to help libRadtran configure to find them.

Create them in the “/lib” directory where configure looks for them (otherwise use “./configure -with-libnetcdf=”) :

ln -s /bin/cygnetcdf-6.dll libnetcdf.a
ln -s /bin/cygnetcdf-c++4-1.dll libnetcdf.a

(Infos from

Then configure works fine and netcdf is found.

Tobias Zinner 2011/02/03

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